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The District Library Catalog offers a searchable listing of documents from the library at our headquarters in Brooksville. Some documents in the online catalog are available as full or partial PDFs. Most are digitized photocopies. Below is a quick-reference list of agriculture-related PDF documents the Ag Team finds useful.

Featured documents

  • Cold Protection of Foliage Plants in Shadehouses and Greenhouses -

    This publication is intended to inform ornamental foliage plant growers about various cold protect measures that can be adapted before and during cold events to avoid or minimize losses due to chilling/cold injury.

  • Developing Water Conserving Chill Protection Strategies for Ornamental Crops -

    A study looking at three aspects of cold protection for greenhouse and shadehouse foliage plants. Evaluates the chill sensitivity of selected ornamental crops typically grown in the region served by the SWFWMD, enumerates different water based cold protection methods presently being used in the ornamental plant industry, and investigates integration of systems and management factors for potential efficiency and water savings.

  • Frost and Freeze Protection Workshop Manual -

    A collection of many Frost Freeze related issue papers by IFAS put together in one workshop styled compilation. Topics include an overview of what Frost Freeze protection is, methods of Frost Freeze protection, and Frost Freeze issues relative to specific crop types including turf, citrus, blueberries, and ornamentals to name a few of the many included within this document.

  • Development of Irrigation Schedules and Crop Coefficients for Trees from Seedlings to Five-inch Calipers -

    To be better managers of irrigation water usage, nurseries need a simple, accurate method of determining tree water requirements on a day by day basis. This project provides guidance for managing irrigation practices for different stages of tree growth up to 7.5 inches in caliper (at 6 inch height).

  • Evaluation and Demonstration of Soil Moisture Based On-demand Irrigation Controllers for Vegetable Production - As the largest single water use category in Florida, agriculture has been forced to utilize water more efficiently. Even though the adoption of agricultural practices such as the use of polyethylene-mulch and drip irrigation have became very common for vegetable production, there is still room for improvement regarding the irrigation scheduling of vegetable crops. The use of improved irrigation scheduling techniques using soil moisture sensors to monitor soil moisture and control irrigation events has been shown to greatly increase irrigation water use efficiency. With more efficient water use, fertilizer is also retained in the effective root zone longer and growers can attain maximum yields at lower N-fertilizer application rates. As a result, better irrigation scheduling techniques will not only provide substantial water savings but can also greatly reduce potential N-leaching losses and thus minimize water quality impacts.

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