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FARMS Program

About these pages

Business & Finance offers views of the District’s budget and how its financial resources are allocated.

Public funding and incentive programs help individuals, communities and governments with water management and conservation funding assistance.

This section also introduces vendors and contractors to procedures for doing business with the District.


Budget Budget

Documents covering the District’s annual, quarterly and fiscal budget cycles.

Financial ReportsCost Estimation Guidelines

Helpful documents for estimating costs for inclusion in Regional Water Supply Plans or our Cooperative Funding Initiative.

Financial ReportsFinancial Statements

The District’s annual and monthly financial reports.

Contracts and Procurement Contracts and Procurement

Procedures for doing business with the District and a current list of solicitations.

Cooperative Funding Initiative Cooperative Funding Initiative

A cost-share program for water resources management projects.


An incentive program for the agricultural community to install and maintain irrigation best management practices.

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