Program Budget - FY2017 Proposed Budget
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  Operating Component       Project Component   Total Budget
Water Resources Planning and Monitoring$19.5M Water Resources Planning and Monitoring$10.4M$29.9M
Acquisition, Restoration and Public Works$6.4M Acquisition, Restoration and Public Works$89.7M$96.1M
Operation and Maintenance of Lands and Works$17.8M Operation and Maintenance of Lands and Works$3.3M$21.1M
Regulation$17.8M Regulation$567.8K$18.4M
Outreach (Public Education)$1.3M Outreach (Public Education)$650.9K$2M
District Management and Administration$12.6M District Management and Administration$0$12.6M
  Total Operating Component $75.4M     Total Project Component $104.7M $180.1M
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