Pledge to make a difference in your watershed!

Everyone lives in a watershed! A watershed is an area of land that water flows across as it moves toward a common body of water, such as a stream, river, lake or coast.

What you do in and around your home impacts your watershed. Making simple changes helps prevent water pollution and keeps our watershed healthy. Take the watershed pledge to commit to protect Florida's water resources.

Taking the pledge is simple:

1. Discuss with your family the activities and changes you are willing to make.

2. Check the boxes next to the activities you choose.

3. Print and hang the pledge where your family will see it every day.

Learn how much water you can save! The Power of Ten

I pledge to:

Make water conservation a habit

Use water-efficient faucets, showerheads and toilets.
Turn off the faucet while brushing teeth.
Use water-efficient or Florida-friendly landscaping.
Install water-efficient sprinklers and a rain sensor to override the sprinkler system when it rains.
Fix leaks.

Keep runoff water clean to protect our surface water bodies

Never dump toxic materials such as motor oil and antifreeze down drains or on the ground.
Check the car for fluid leaks and maintain the car with regular tune-ups.
Keep storm drains and ditches clean by clearing debris.
Pick up pet waste when near a water body and dispose of it in the trash or toilet.

Maintain septic systems to keep our ground water healthy

Watch for signs of septic tank failure.
Have septic systems inspected every 2 to 3 years and pumped as needed.

Set an example for healthy watershed living

Encourage friends and neighbors to take the watershed pledge.
Take part in a tree planting, stream cleanup or invasive vegetation removal project.
Volunteer for a local environmental club.

Print and hang this pledge as a reminder.

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