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Water Loss Reduction Program


Landscape and Irrigation Efficiency Programs

The Water Loss Reduction Program is an ongoing conservation service that provides assistance to permitted water utilities in an effort to increase system efficiency and reduce system losses.

Leak Detection

About the Water Loss Reduction Program

The program provides the following services:

  • Comprehensive Leak Detection Surveys
  • Meter Accuracy Testing


The Water Loss Reduction Program:

  • Reduces demands on drinking water supplies by reducing preventable water loss
  • Reduces water production, treatment chemicals and energy pumping costs
  • Reduces overtime costs when leaks are discovered and repaired during normal business hours
  • Reduces liability for personal injury and property damage resulting from washouts
  • Promotes public perception that utility is doing its part to conserve water supplies
  • Integrates leak detection activities into day-to-day utility operations
  • Reduces revenue losses for both the utility and, in turn, the system customers
  • Maximizes system efficiency by conducting program services that will be most beneficial
  • Assists in metering assessment, detecting and locating real system leaks, recommendations for repairing/replacement of infrastructure, operational/maintenance processes, and administrative/billing improvements
  • Assists in the regulatory requirement that all public supply utilities reduce water losses to 10 percent or lower