When official business files are too cumbersome to transfer using email, use your browser or an FTP client instead!

Note: Please review the At-A-Glance summary for accessing our FTP server. If uploading data, it is especially important to understand file size limitations, naming constraints and more.

Browse the “outgoing” directory to
download only:

(Right-click a file to download/save to your computer)

Browse with Internet Explorer Using Windows Explorer to
upload & download:


  1. Login as “anonymous”; use your email address as password
  2. From the IE Command Bar, access the “Page” or “View” pulldown menu (depending upon version); select “Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer” (If the "Page" or "View" menu is not visible, enable the "Command Bar" in the main menu under "View/Toolbars")
  3. Login again to view directories within Windows Explorer (this might take a few moments)
  4. Copy/paste or drag and drop files
    • Upload files to incoming (or in alias)
    • Download files from outgoing (or out alias)

Connect using an FTP client to
upload & download:

  1. Install one of the free FTP clients below, or use one you already have
  2. Connect to our server using these settings in your FTP client:
    Server: ftp.swfwmd.state.fl.us
    User Name: Anonymous
    (use your email address as password)
  3. Once connected, navigate to public (or pub alias)
  4. You can drag and drop files between your computer and our FTP server
    • Upload files to incoming (or in alias)
    • Download files from outgoing (or out alias)

Free cross-platform FTP clients:

Problems or specific questions regarding our anonymous FTP server can be directed to the Help Desk at (352) 796-7211 or 1-800-423-1476 (FL only), ext. 4008, or email help desk.

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