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Real-Time Hydrologic Data

The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system collects real-time rainfall data, surface and groundwater levels, and selected atmospheric readings within our 16-county area.

Launch the SCADA web application »

Enter "publicuser" when prompted for the user name and "$swfwmd03" as the password.


  • Enable pop-up windows (see below)
  • Ensure ActiveX settings are proper (see below)
  • Microsoft Windows XP (with administrator access)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

ActiveX settings

From Internet Explorer (requires administrator access)

  1. select the Tools menu
  2. choose Internet Options
  3. go to the Security tab
  4. choose the Internet globe icon
  5. select Custom Level
  6. locate the ActiveX Controls and PlugIns section
  7. ensure that Enable or Prompt is selected for each section (no disables)

Pop-up blocker

Internet Explorer for Windows XP Service Pack2 (as well as other third-party software) blocks pop-up windows; please turn it off or enlist the SCADA server URL as a trusted site.