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Anna Maria Elementary

Third-grade students at Anna Maria Elementary in Manatee County completed the Southwest Florida Water Management District’s Daily Water Use at Home surveys to find ways to conserve water. They also made water conservation posters and announced water-saving tips to the entire school on the morning show.

Water Commercials

Lowry Elementary

Students at Lowry Elementary in Hillsborough County created a public service project to share information on water conservation with their community by making posters, brochures and fliers to be posted in local businesses.

Mt. Vernon Elementary

Second-grade students of Mt. Vernon Elementary in Pinellas County participated in multiple conservation activities. One of these activities included creating water conservation posters. The students also created a song about water conservation that was put on the morning announcements.

Ozona Elementary

Kindergarten and first-grade students at Ozona Elementary in Pinellas County showed initiative by creating fliers and posters to teach the students, staff and community about water conservation. They learned how to conserve water by planting drought-tolerant plants in the butterfly habitat and using hydroponic gardening.

Perkins Elementary

Every student in grades first through fifth at Perkins Elementary in Pinellas County received a water conservation poster and blank cutouts of hands. The students pledged to conserve water and wrote different conservation ideas on the hands, which were then made into a large display in the cafeteria as a reminder to the students.

Potter Elementary

Fifth-grade students at Potter Elementary in Hillsborough County created posters listing water-saving activities. They continued their efforts by creating a presentation that included songs and games for the kindergarten through third-grade classes at their school.

Skyview Elementary

Fourth-grade students at Skyview Elementary in Pinellas County created conservation posters and began using a rain barrel to water plants around the school. In addition, they created a home shower project where students used timers and took shorter showers and then totaled their savings, which was 23,500 gallons in a month for the class. They also created a Water Wise Eagle Report with conservation facts and student poems, which were shared with their parents and teachers.

Water Wise Eagle Report

Westside Elementary

Third-grade students at Westside Elementary in Hernando County displayed posters around their school promoting water conservation. They also created brochures with valuable tips and distributed to various classrooms.

Bay Haven School of Basics Plus

Students at Bay Haven School of Basics Plus in Sarasota pledged to save water by taking shorter showers every single day. They calculated the amount of water they saved throughout the project.

Inwood Elementary

Third-grade students at Inwood Elementary in Polk County shared a new water conservation tip each day during the daily school news broadcast. In addition, they created colorful posters, read water conservation books to younger students and even made a commercial spreading the word to conserve! Students also planted special polymers in their school’s garden that were designed to store water and release it slowly into the soil, saving water.

Maximo Elementary

Maximo Elementary in Pinellas County held a contest between third, fourth and fifth graders to determine which grade could save the most water. Students completed the Southwest Florida Water Management District’s Daily Water Use at Home survey, calculated the amount of water they were using, kept water conservation logs and found many ways to save water! They also performed water quality tests, completed activity booklets and wrote reflection essays on what they learned throughout the project and their future plans for saving more water.

J. S. Robinson Elementary

Fifth graders at J. S. Robinson Elementary in Hillsborough County made posters to promote water conservation to students, teachers and parents.

Ozona Elementary

Kindergarten students at Ozona Elementary in Pinellas County made water conservation fliers, created an artistic “Wall of Conservation” filled with water-saving tips and created a butterfly habitat with drought-tolerant plants.

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