Water Quality Monitoring


Test the Waters Yourself

Now it’s time for you to begin testing water quality. If your school is within the 16-county region of the Southwest Florida Water Management District, order your water quality test kit and test many different water bodies or the same water body over and over during different times of the year. Make sure you record your results. Get your family, friends and teachers involved in helping you test. Do not go to test water without an adult present.

After you have collected data, get involved in World Water Monitoring Day (WWMD). Go to the World Water Monitoring Day web site to register your site under the “Participate” link and add your water body site information and data to other data collected from all over the world. To have your data involved in the WWMD event, you must test a water body and enter your data before December 18.

Entering data year after year will allow you to see changes that occur at your site over an extended period of time. All of your data can be retrieved from this web site at any time. You can also pull data from other water sites located all over the world.