Splash! School Grants

These files are here to assist grantees during grant implementation. Refer to the key concepts for each Grant Type as a teaching guide and please feel free to use our collection of sample questions by topic to create a pre-/posttest.

Have more questions? Contact the Splash! grant project manager Mary Kassabaum at Mary.Kassabaum@WaterMatters.org.

  • Splash! Grant Overview - Details on the four Grant Types, completing your application, requirements, budget, important dates and more.
  • Final Documentation and Report - Every grant recipient is required to submit the Final Documentation and Report on or before May 18, 2018. Save this document to your computer, complete it, and then login to the Splash! grant dashboard to upload it along with any other documentation.
  • School District Contacts - Contact the representative from your school district with questions on how to access grant funds. Your school district opens the funding codes for your grant as all reimbursement from the Southwest Florida Water Management District is provided to school districts for disbursement to grantee’s schools.
  • Sample pre-posttest questions by topic - Use our collection of sample questions by topic to create a pre-posttest specific to your grant or create your own questions.
  • PrePost 9-12 Q&A
  • PrePost 6-8 Q&A
  • PrePost 3-5 Q&A
  • PrePost K-2 Q&A
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