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Story Ideas

The following story ideas provide information about District programs and projects.

"Florida-Friendly Fertilizing"

The District’s “Florida-Friendly Fertilizing” Campaign educates residents on how to fertilize their lawns appropriately.

Too much fertilizer can cause cinch bugs and thatch buildup in lawns, and it can get washed away and pollute nearby waterways.

Visit WaterMatters.org/fertilizing for more information on fertilizing appropriately.

"Get Outside!"

The District has more than 343,000 acres of conservation lands in its 16-county region. These lands are open to the public for activities such as hiking, bicycling, hunting, horseback riding, fishing, paddling, camping, nature study and picnicking. The majority of the lands that are open for public recreation offer free parking and admission.

Visit WaterMatters.org/recreation to learn more!

Old World climbing fern

With threats from new invasive plants and animal species continuing to rise in Florida, the District is battling to keep a new invasive vine from infesting the Green Swamp. Old World climbing fern is spreading from South Florida and has been detected and treated as far north as Hernando and Sumter counties.The District is partnering with a variety of public and private agencies to prevent the establishment and spread of Old World climbing fern in the 560,000-acre Green Swamp.

Visit Old World Climbing Fern for more information.

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