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Aquifer Recharge at Flatford Swamp for SWUCA

Aquifer Recharge at Flatford Swamp

This project will investigate the feasibility of recharging excess natural surface water into the Upper Floridan aquifer more than 1,000 feet below the land’s surface. The recharged water will help improve groundwater levels and reduce the rate of saltwater intrusion from the Gulf of Mexico in the SWUCA’s Most Impacted Area.

SWUCA Recovery and Natural System Improvement

The District is conducting a feasibility study at Flatford Swamp in Manatee County to evaluate an aquifer recharge project using up to two million gallons a day (mgd) of excess surface water draining into Flatford Swamp.

If feasible, the fully operational Flatford Swamp project may help recover groundwater levels by recharging up to 10 mgd in the Most Impacted Area of the SWUCA, reducing the rate of saltwater intrusion. Another benefit of removing water from the swamp is it will help restore the swamp’s natural hydrologic period and vegetation patterns.

Staff plans to implement a step-by-step analysis conducting additional data collection, monitoring and computer modeling to ensure the project concept is thoroughly evaluated. The recharge project will be implemented only if it is found to be safe for the water resources and beneficial for groundwater levels.

A public meeting for the test well permit occurred Jan. 9, 2017 in the District’s Sarasota Office. In February, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection issued a permit to implement the test well. The District’s Governing Board unanimously approved moving forward with the test well during its April 25 meeting. Staff are working to implement the test well at the property. The District will continue to work with key stakeholders and potential affected parties. Please contact the project manager with any questions.

Project Schedule

Step 1: Desktop and modeling evaluation. Permit test well – mid 2017
Step 2: Drill test and monitor wells. Collect aquifer characteristics and water quality – mid 2018
Step 3: Begin recharge surface water test. Continue appropriate testing – late 2018
Step 4: Evaluate all testing results – 2020

Flatford Swamp Location Map Flatford Swamp

Contact Us

Project Manager
Lisann Morris, P.E.
Senior Professional Engineer
(352) 796-0515, ext. 5662

Technical Lead
Don Ellison, P.G.
Senior Professional Geologist
(352) 796-0515, ext. 4292