WRAP Project OverviewCentral Florida Water Resource Development Project

Summary Polk County

The Central Florida Water Resource Development Project is an integral component in the development of alternative water supplies for the region. Characterized by its landlocked nature, central Florida communities have limited options in the development of alternative water supplies. A long-term plan for the identification and development of alternative water supply opportunities for Polk County will offer a comprehensive approach to limit development pressure on ground water in the Southern Water Use Caution Area (SWUCA).

Projects will advance the preservation of natural resources in the SWUCA and aid in the development of viable water supplies for Polk County. There are opportunities to develop projects from water resources that include conservation, reclaimed water, surface water, other alternative sources and ground water.

Project cost: $150 million


  • Polk County
  • TECO
  • Mosaic
  • Municipalities in Polk County


  • Preservation of natural resource
  • Development of alternative sources

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