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About H‏álpata Tastanaki Preserve

A variety of plant communities occur on the property, including floodplain swamp and oak scrub along the Withlacoochee River and longleaf pine turkey oak sandhills occurring in upland areas. Recovering stands of oak scrub scattered amid the sandhill support the threatened Florida scrub-jay.

In addition to natural resources, the property supported a rich historical past. The preserve is named after Seminole leader H‏álpata Tastanaki (Chief Alligator) who, along with Osceola, Jumper and approximately 1,000 warriors, took part in the largest battle of the Second Seminole Indian War in 1836. Included within the property is the site of the community of Stockton, established shortly after the conclusion of the Second Seminole Indian War.

Public ownership of the property provides for the long-term protection and enhancement of floodplain forests along the Withlacoochee River, isolated wetland systems and extensive upland areas with high rates of aquifer recharge.

Recreational Opportunities


  • Approximately 13 miles of multiuse trails.
  • Bicyclists are required to stay on designated or marked trails.
  • Florida law requires bicyclists under 16 to wear helmets.

Equestrian Use

  • Approximately 13 miles of multiuse trails.
  • Riders are required to stay on designated or marked trails.
  • Each rider must carry proof of horse‚Äôs current negative Coggins test.
  • Florida law requires equestrians under 16 to wear helmets.



  • Approximately 17 miles of multiuse trails.
  • Prepare for wet hiking; some trails are excessively wet during certain times of year.

Access and Parking

  • Public access off CR 484 at northern property boundary and along SR 200 on eastern property boundary.
  • Pruitt trailhead accessible from CR 484 entrance.

Limited Access Areas

Public access to sensitive areas such as restoration and archaeological sites, special protection zones for endangered species and species recovery facilities are restricted.

Restrooms and Water

ADA accessible portable toilets available at Pruitt Trailhead parking area. Nonpotable water


Southwest Marion County, east of Dunnellon

Nearby Recreation Lands

For More Information

Land Resources, Southwest Florida Water Management District, 1-800-423-1476 (FL only) or
(352) 796-7211, ext. 4470

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Street Address

15430 SW CR 484
Dunnellon, FL 34431
(Google map)


8,146 acres

Hours of Operation

Daily from sunrise to sunset.

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