Get to Know the Locals

These downloadable sample species lists highlight common plants and animals found on the Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) conservation lands.

The District purchases and manages land in order to protect our area’s water resources. As a result, plants and animals that live on these lands are also protected and the public can enjoy recreational and educational activities in the great outdoors. Each of the areas owned by the District offers something special. Learning as much as possible about what is special before you visit a park/management area allows you to gain an appreciation for what you are likely to experience.

  • mammals species
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  • butterflies species
    Flip through the Butterflies Species Guide
  • birds species
    Flip through the Birds Species Guide
  • insects species
    Flip through the Insects Species Guide
  • frogs species
    Flip through the Frogs and Toads Species Guide
  • wildflowers species
    Flip through the Reptiles Species Guide
  • trees species
    Flip through the Trees and Shrubs Species Guide
  • wildflowers species
    Flip through the Wildflowers Species Guide
  • natural communities
    Flip through the Natural Communities Guide
    natural communities
Conservation Lands of Southwest Florida
Florida Nature Study

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