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  1. Right Plant, Right Place
  2. Water Efficiently
  3. Fertilize Appropriately
  4. Mulch
  5. Attract Wildlife
  6. Manage Yard Pests Responsibly
  7. Recycle
  8. Reduce Stormwater Runoff
  9. Protect the Waterfront

Water Efficiently

Typically, up to 50% of water used by households is used outdoors. Efficient watering will not only help you save money and conserve water, but can also create a healthier landscape. Follow these tips to save water and money:

  • Grass doesn’t need as much water in the cooler months of December, January and February. In fact, 1/2” to 3/4” of water every 10-14 days is enough.
  • During the summer months of July, August and September, yards need only about 3/4” of water every 3 to 5 days. This region will usually get that from rainfall, so you can turn off your irrigation system for extended periods of time.
  • Water your lawn and plants only when you know they need it or show signs of stress.
  • Use a rain gauge or moisture sensor so you will know if rainfall has done the job.
  • Install a drip or micro-spray system in your plant beds. They use water more efficiently than traditional spray heads.
  • Install an automatic rain shutoff device to stop watering when it's rained enough.
  • Stop overwatering! Overwatered grass has short roots that make it harder to survive pest attacks, disease and drought.
  • Collect water in a rain barrel to use to water your plants.

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